Huawei to Introduce New Colors for the P30?

New patent filings show dual-tone designs

While Huawei is set to unveil the Mate 30 series next month, the brand might be introducing new colors to the P30, just like what it did with the P20 Pro last year. While last year’s refresh introduced leather backs for the 2018 flagship, Huawei is experimenting something different with the P30 this year with dual-tone backs.

In patent filings obtained by LetsGoDigital, Huawei is preparing two dual-tone P30 colors: one being a revamped version of the Breathing Crystal gradient color, and the other being a Pixel 2 XL-inspired Panda color blocking.¬†Unlike Google’s approach, both phones appear to have the same glossy texture.

We expect Huawei to unveil these new colors at IFA 2019.




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