Huawei’s 2020 MateBook X Pro Looks Stunning In Emerald Green

Would you buy this if it ever arrived here?

While we’ve already talked about the MateBook X Pro earlier this year, the 2020 refresh of the company’s top-of-the-line notebook adds a stunning, new colorway that we haven’t really seen before outside of renders provided by Huawei.

But real photos are infinitely better than product renders, and from the look of things, the Emerald Green colorway of the new notebook might be the go-to choice for consumers if it’s ever brought here by Huawei.

Digital Trends and Tech Advisor managed to grab review devices of Huawei’s new notebook, and their hands-on photos and videos of the notebook show off the stunning gradient in massive detail.

We’re hoping that the Emerald Green colorway also finds its way to the Philippines if the MateBoox X Pro is offered here, as it’s a great change from the typical all-black and all-grey color scheme that we typically see on notebooks from the usual suspects.

John Nieves

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