Huawei’s In-House OS to Power Smart TVs

It is not yet the alternative Android OS we were hoping for

As Huawei is set to launch its own operating system this August, new reports have indicated that Harmony OS (or HongMeng OS in China) will be used for Huawei’s upcoming line of smart TVs. The first model will be under the Honor brand and will sport a 55-inch display.

The report adds that Harmony OS aims to make Huawei’s smart TVs into a hub for the brand’s smart home system. Focusing on smart TVs instead of phones is part of Huawei’s plan to win back consumers into watching TV, as most people are focusing on their smartphones instead.

Armed with knowledge with smartphones, Huawei hopes that their homegrown OS will replicate the same experience with big-screen TVs. Should it be successful, Huawei may use its homegrown OS with its smartphones in the near future.


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