Huawei’s New Power Bank Offers 2-Way 40W Charging

It is powerful enough to charge some laptops

With all the accessories Huawei announced during the P30 series launch, the new 12000 40W SuperCharge power bank deserves some attention. While it may be just another power bank, Huawei’s latest power solution comes with 2-way 40W SuperCharge, providing 5V to 15V of power output and 5V to 20V of power input. This means that you can use it to charge up a variety of devices including portable gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch and laptops with USB-C charging like Huawei’s MateBooks and Apple’s MacBooks.

Since its 40W SuperCharge tech is a 2-way variety, you can juice up the 12000 40W SuperCharge power bank from empty to 100% in a little over two hours—that is more than 50% faster compared to conventional 10W charging.

Aside from having 12 layers of comprehensive security protection, the 12000 40W SuperCharge power bank uses a Lithium-Cobalt oxide cell.

The 12000 40W SuperCharge power bank is priced at 99 Euros(~Php 5.9k). No word yet on local availability as of this writing.


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