Huawei’s Next Honor Smartphone Uses A Sliding Camera


An interesting design choice

With hundreds, even thousands of smartphones released every year, each manufacturer needs their own gimmick to make their device stand out from the pack. Huawei is no stranger to thisĀ and are not beneath trying weird, unusual designs to differentiate their offerings from the competition. A new leak out of China shows just one new gimmick – a sliding camera.


The leak comes from old reliable TENAA, China’s equivalent to our NTC, which shows a unique, sliding rear camera setup that houses both the rear and front-facing camera. This essentially removes the camera module from the front of the device, allowing for a thinner overall top bezel. Without the restriction to keep the front facing camera small, the new device can also fit in a more powerful LED flash for better selfie.


The phone also sports a camera shortcut key on the frame which can allegedly double as a fingerprint scanner as well. The new device does not have an official designation as of yet, and is only identified as the ATH-AL00.


John Nieves

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  1. I am pretty sure na madaming negative comments regarding sa camera gaya nung sa Oppo’s reversible camera.

  2. dont really see how this can help make the phone thinner, now that you have to house the font cam underneath the front bezel instead of just flush to the surface. also the slider mechanism would make it thicker as well.

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