Huawei’s P30 Pro Gets Torn Down By JerryRigEverything

We get a close look at the periscope camera

One of the best features of Huawei’s recently launched P30 Pro has got to be its 5x optical zoom camera. The 5x optical zoom lens uses a periscope array to minimize the camera’s footprint – a feat of engineering that gives the phone 10x hybrid zoom.

Huawei P30 Pro Review: Becoming The Benchmark

And now, thanks to JerryRigEverything and his P30 Pro teardown, we now know what that camera module looks like.

The teardown pretty much confirms Huawei’s marketing for the P30 Pro’s periscope module. The zoom sensor sits on its side, with an optical zoom lens right in front of it. A 90-degree mirror sits at the other end and is what you see when you look at the camera from the outside.

Aside from the fancy camera tech, Huawei used plenty of glue to keep the P30 Pro water resistant and an optical fingerprint scanner that takes photos of your fingerprint, slower than the one used in Samsung’s Galaxy S10.

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