Huawei’s Watch Beats Pre-order Expectations, Sells Out In Stores

IMG_20151211_1252279-1280x960Huawei’s luxurious smart watch sells out

Huawei’s first Android Wear device, the Watch, is a premium looking wearable that’s probably the nicest smart watch that’s available today. It’s also fairly expensive for an Android Wear device, demanding a premium that most people struggle to justify.

Apparently there’s more than enough people that think that Huawei’s offering is more than fair, and Huawei has shared that their watch sold out completely in stores and through the pre-order channels.while naturally the company did not want to divulge numbers, they sold “hundreds” of watches to date.

You can read our Huawei Watch review here.

John Nieves

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  1. Very pricey, I say. At that price point, you can buy already a decent dress watch. I said this before when I commented on LG’s super duper overly priced urbane smartwatch and I’m saying it again. An expression of oneself using a smarwatch? You gotta be kidding. And one more thing. These smartwatches dont last long like a real, decent watch like Tag Huer, Fossil, etc. I have a Fossil watch I bought over 15 eyars ago and its still working. And I bought it for a little over 15K.

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