Hugo Barra Bids Farewell to Xiaomi

In 2013, Hugo Barra made the move from his cushy job at Google to help Xiaomi expand its reach to the global market. They’ve enjoyed a ton of success since the former Google VP moved to Beijing and joined the ranks for the Chinese company, but as they say: “all good things must come to an end.” In a post on his Facebook page, Barra confirms his departure from the company and his plans to return to Silicon Valley.

According to his post, the decision to move back to the US stems from the desire to come home to his friends and family, plus return to the life he left behind 3 and a half years ago. Barra will continue on with his duties for now and will begin turning over his responsibilities to Xian Wang, Xiaomi’s Senior Vice President. The timing for his departure couldn’t come at a better time, as Barra says:

For me, as for many people in China, the Spring Festival brings new beginnings, and I will be transitioning out of my role at Xiaomi in February after Chinese New Year. I will take some much-needed time off before embarking on a new adventure back in Silicon Valley.

Despite a few setbacks, Xiaomi remains a pretty strong brand. While Mr. Barra is confident about the company’s position in the global market, one cant help wonder if his departure will affect business.

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  1. Wrong move when you guys abandoned the philippine market. Sure you made it big in India, but India is just another market.

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