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IBM Unveils World’s Tiniest Computer

As small as a grain of salt

IBM knows how to make computers smaller than ever. In fact, their latest product is so small, you’ll need a microscope to see it!

This new computer, which was unveiled at IBM Think 2018, has the computing power of an x86 chip from the 90s, along with hundred thousands of transistors, while being microscopic in size. To give you a perspective, the chip that is on a finger in the left photo contains *drum roll* 64 motherboards AND two tiny computers. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

As for its use, IBM said that its new computer is designed to “monitor, analyze, communicate, and even act on data.” Applications include tracking the shipment of goods, detecting fraud and non-compliance, and few AI tasks. In fact, this microscopic chip is claimed to be usable as a data source for blockchain applications!

Here’s an infographic explaining the components of the 1 x 1 mm computer:

There are no details as to when will IBM be mass producing these computers. As of this writing, researchers are testing the first prototype of this futuristic piece of tech.


Source: Mashable

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  1. My first pc runs on intel’s 8088 processor. If my memory serves me right, the 8086 or x86 is a microprocessor that was designed for specific applications before it landed on a pc.

    So, if this microcomputer has a computing power of x86 of the 80’s, i can imagine already the many customized applications. No OS needed for customized applications, if you will be asking.

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