iCloud deleted my iWork files

iCloud: the first ever reason to hate Apple (for me anyway)

iCloud deleted my iWork Files

Consider this a warning. iCloud currently has a bug that can delete all of your iWork files (Keynote, Pages, and Numbers) in your iPad and iPhone. This happened to me earlier today after I synced my iPad 2 to my MacBook Pro. I opened my iPad 2 up again earlier this afternoon to retrive a presentation I worked on the previous night and to my shock it wasn’t there anymore. All 70+ presentations I’ve made on Keynote on my iPad 2 were all gone! I immediately checked my iPhone 4 and it was the same. My last resort was obviously the iCloud web version and it still didn’t have my files.

It’s not just me

There are a lot of people already starting to flock towards the Apple Support Forums complaining about the same problem. Here are a few links for everybody’s perusal:

Oh dear.

I have to do a presentation for 200 people tomorrow morning. I worked on the script all afternoon on the iPad and saved it to iCloud. Now it’s gone. Unbelievable.

Why oh why did I trust a .0 release?

I take it from this thread that there are no solutions, and I’d better get to work rewriting the script. That’s what I’ll do. It’s 9:30 p.m. in Sydney and my audience will be ready to go at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Pfft.

i too have lost all my documents – 4 yrs worth of psychotherapy training notes. extremely angry. rang apple support – they couldnt understand it. due to ring me back but never did.

i have tried again with test docunments but it keeps happening.

praying that they are there but not visable.

if anyone gets solutions share them PLEASE.


I had the same problem, the whole point of the cloud is to not worry about losing anything! Apple messed up here!

I also had all documents in Pages, Keynote & Numbers lost. The documents merged from my iPad to my iPhone 4 and back but one day I opened up an iWork app and they were all gone on all devices. This is a major #fail! I see no way to restore old documents. This is why I should not depend on the cloud and keep everything local.


I’m really hoping that Apple does something about this. I’m hoping that my back-up at home will still contain my files. I’d hate to think that the iCloud killed all the presentation files I’ve made in the last year just like that. :/


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    This is why I never trust cloud storage. I use them, especially dropbox and the 50gb free cloud storage from the HP Touchpad, but I still keep a back up of the files on a separate physical external HD or flashdrive. And I try to avoid putting sensitive documents there as well for fear of being hacked or infiltrated.

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    I always follow the 3-2-1 Backup Rule:
    3) Have three copies of any important file
    Original file in main computer + two backup files

    2) Use two different types of media for the backup files.
    In my case, one backup on external HD + one online backup

    1) Make sure one copy is stored offsite.
    In my case, my offsite back-up is Carbonite.

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