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IFA 2016: Acer Launches the Pawbo Plus, an Interactive Pet Camera with Conferencing

Pet owners, pet lovers, lovers of pet owners, here’s a new product from IFA 2016 that might pique your interest. Acer has just acquired pet device company Pawbo, and will be launching an improved version of their titular device, the Pawbo+.

Acer saw the opportunity in developing “petware” products due to global statistics. Apparently, global pet population is rapidly outpacing child population nowadays, especially in America, where pets outnumber children 2-to-1. Also, global pet spending surpassed $100B in 2015. Those are sobering figures indeed.

The Pawbo+ is basically an interactive pet camera with all the bells and whistles, pet games, plus a much-vaunted eight user conferencing. It’s actually a fun product, and we can see a lot of potential for its use, especially when you’re a pet owner, pet lover, or lover of pet owner.

Unbox 107 - Acer Pawbo 8

Unbox 107 - Acer Pawbo 7

Unbox 107 - Acer Pawbo 6

Unbox 107 - Acer Pawbo 5

Unbox 107 - Acer Pawbo 4

Unbox 107 - Acer Pawbo 3

Unbox 107 - Acer Pawbo 2
The Acer Pawbo+ will be available for pre-order tomorrow, at Acer’s online store. As for local availability? Acer is known to be aggressive in the APAC device market, so we might be seeing this device hit local shores soon. Meanwhile, you can head over to Pawbo’s official website for more details on their products.

Source: Acer IFA 2016 Livestream

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