InfiniteLoop Tablet & Smartphone Stand

The InfiniteLoop is a simple and effective product which will let you enjoy and enhance the usability of your smartphones and tablets. It’s a very versatile tablet & smartphone stand which will let you comfortably watch movies in bed, read ebooks on the couch, type on the touchscreen on your desk, and even angle your phone while you’re driving! I loved how the inventors of this product explained how they came up with the idea:

The InfiniteLoop was born out of the frustration with not being able to find an iPad stand that could accommodate all uses.

Infinite Loop for Tablets

The InfiniteLoop can be bent to any shape to make sure that it can hold or prop up your tablet/smartphone. The material is made from molded metal and plastic making it very sturdy. It also comes with suction caps and adjustable side clips to firmly hold your device in place.

InfiniteLoop can also work for your Smartphone

Here are some photos of how you can use the InfiniteLoop:

The InfiniteLoop is still under development and hasn’t been launched yet. However it should be available sometime in August or September. The InfiniteLoop will retail for $44.95 and $9 shipping (less than Php3,000 without taxes yet). No word yet if there will be local distributors or resellers.

If you want to reserve yours in advance you can pledge via KickStarter.

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