Intel’s New 2016 Compute Stick Might Finally Be Good


Intel’s second try at the computer-on-a-stick concept might be a winner

We tried to like Intel’s Compute Stick concept. We really did. Unfortunately sluggish hardware and overall terrible performance of the original left much to be desired. Intel has apparently listened to the gripes of many a tech media, and are releasing a more powerful version of their computer-on-a-stick concept with drastically more powerful hardware.

Intel’s not putting anything to chance, as the 2016 model of their Compute Stick will come packing Sixth Generation Core M3 and Core M5 processors, along with 802.11ac and a new 2×2 antenna array, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. There’s now three USB ports on tap – one on the device itself and two on the charger – which means our gripes with power and connectivity with the original are moot. The entry level model is still pretty impressive¬†and comes packing an Atom x5-z8400 processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The lower-end model has two USB ports on the body and no additional ports on the charger.

While the entry level model will have roughly the same pricing as the original, which is around $159 and comes packing Windows 10, the two higher end models will cost more dough – the M3 is $399 with Windows 10 while the M5 is $499.

John Nieves

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