Intel’s Sixth Generation Skylake Processors Are Built For Gamers


Gamers are a big part of Intel’s strategy

With PC shipments tanking as mobile hits its stride, Intel knows that PC gamers are one of their key customers when it comes to processors. That’s why the company made sure that its sixth-generation Skylake desktop processors (launched earlier in Gamescom, Germany) are made to appeal to that market. The new processor family is headlined by two enthusiast level models: the Core i7-6700K and i5-6600K, both built using 14nm lithography.

The two new processors are monsters when it comes to performance, and have a high base frequency of 4GHz for the Core i7-6700K model and 3.5GHz for the i5-6600K model. All processors from the Skylake family comes unlocked out of the factory, which makes tinkering with them easier for people who like to overclock their chips.

With a new processor family comes a new platform, this time the Z170 chipset. The Skylake processors use DDR4 memory, and apparently won’t be compatible on Haswell-E motherboards, which also use DDR4 RAM. Intel also recognizes that not everybody has the coin to spring for DDR4 RAM, and that’s why the Z170 chipset gives manufacturers the option for their boards to support older, DDR3 memory. The new chipset sports Intel’s new HD 530 integrated graphics, which the company says run 20 to 40 percent faster than the previous generation.

Prices for the new processors are pegged at $350 (around 16K) for the Core i7-6700K and $243 (around 11.1K) for the i5-6600K model.


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    1. you would be wasting money on A10 lalo na kung ilalabas na ang non K version ni i5. di hamak na mas better processor at igpu ang skylake compared sa current strongest APU ng amd.

      1. kaso ang layo ng diperensya ng pricing. Kaya naman ng A10 or FX ng AMD ang mga high res na games sa market ngayon.

        1. if intel will follow its pricing trend na hindi naman nagkalayo sa previous gen ang price, we can expect a non K i5 for around 8k+ , while A10-7850k is around 7k+ , for 1k price diff it’s still way better and mas mataas pa rin potential for gpu upgrades without bottleneck.

          1. sana ganun nga, kaso mo kita mo na yung i5 11k na, tapos 16K yung i7.Processor pa lang yan. Malakas na AMD powered PC na ang magagawa mo dyan.
            But still nasa preference pa rin ng user yan. Im only on the practical side, besides mabilis magbago ang tech kaya mabilis mag depreciate ang value.

  1. The clock speeds even the boosted ones are the same with last generation processors (i7 stock 4.0- boost 4.4, i5 stock 3.5- boost 3.9). What’s amazing here is the overclocking potential since Skylake as has better temperature due to smaller power draw and new 14nm architecture. Downside is the requirement for new hardware specially a new motherboard (1151 socket) and DDR4 memory which cost a lot right now since everyone here in the PH uses mostly DDR3.

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