iPad Juice Book Case

Keeps your iPad safe and charged!

MiPow products are currently available in A Shop, Podium. One of their more famous offerings is the Juice Book Case for the first and second generation iPads. The case is made from genuine leather and lined with ultra suede. All the ports and external controls are pre-cut for easy access. The unique thing about it though is that it also comes with a slim battery back called the Power Tube (6600 mAh) which can double the battery life of your iPad! Not bad right?

The iPad Juice Book Case is a bit pricey at Php6,000 but if you think about it the product has a genuine leather case AND the external battery pack. The case will usually set you back around Php2,000 while a good external battery pack is at Php4,000.

Anyway, if you’d like to get one drop by A Shop in Podium. There were only 2 more cases left when we last checked during the weekend.

Carlo Ople

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