iPhone 4S 16GB priced at Php54,500 in the Philippines

Will you pay to be first?

iPhone 4S 16GB priced at Php54,500 here in the PH

How much are you willing to be one of the very first people here in the Philippines to own an iPhone 4S? Are you will to pay Php35,000? How about Php40,000? Php45,000? Php50,000? Well if you happen to have Php54,500 then yes, you can own one by this weekend. Great Gadget Shop just posted on their website they’ll be offering the iPhone 4S 16GB for Php54,500. The 32GB model will set you back Php59,500 and the 64GB a whopping Php64,500.

*Note this isn’t the official release yet.


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    what????!!! grabeii naman yann..arggg.. sa tingin ko mas wise bilhin nalang ung iphone4 or samsung galaxy s2 that both worth 30k..

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    If I had P50k above to play around with, why settle for a phone? Go for the whole enchilada, buy a macbook pro.

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    in the US it’s just roughly around Php16, 000 or $399

    grabe overpricing pagdating dito, folks

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    that is how much bragging rights cost in the philippines. hahaha. i will just get MacBook Air.

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    That’s retardedly overpriced.

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    too pricey! with that amount of setup i will buy nlng the mugen rr complete bodykit for my Civic FD with paint na! sheeeez

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    10,000 pogi points pa!

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    This is so pricey for a mobile phone

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    Stop hatin’ and comparin’ iPhone 4S hasn’t even been officially released in the Philippines yet… Why preorder overpriced iphone 4s when you can wait for its release and get it on a normal retail price right?

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    doble tlga. it’s because of the tax. we cant do anything about that. >.< let's just wait for iphone5 then have a relative in states buy you one. At least, shipping fee na lang bbayaran. haha. that's what im planning to do ^__^

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    iPhone 4S rocks!! astig ng siri pwede mo gaguhin hahaha!! Owned 4S unlock to all network and ill love it!!

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    And one thing why the price in philippines is so high it maybe because the phone is already open to all other network apple takes an extra charge for it. So i prefer to have a contract phone or in philippines what you call “plan” but the consequence is the phone may be lock to only one network so in this case it may be best for you to wait for a jailbreak of the Iphone 4S

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