iPhone 4S getting good reviews

iPhone 4S getting good reviews?

It looks like Apple hit another homerun with the iPhone 4S. Apple took a lot of flak from different tech journalists and bloggers (including me) when they launched the iPhone 4S. The common rant against it was that it looked exactly the same and there weren’t any major improvements. The market though is proving the “experts” wrong. In the first 24 hours Apple got over 1,000,000 pre-orders smashing the previous 600,000 record set by the iPhone 4. Several key tech influencers are also now giving it rave reviews after actually holding and using the product. I have a lot of respect for two reviewers in the US namely: Thisismynext and Walt Mossberg. Here are some excerpts from their reviews.

The iPhone 4S took some of the nicest, cleanest photos I’ve ever seen from a mobile device. If you’ve ever thought about using a phone as a replacement for your point-and-shoot, feel free to start taking that concept seriously. The 4S produced crisp, balanced, colorful photos that were surprisingly low-noise and never over-saturated. The iPhone 4 sometimes seemed to be compensating for its limitations by exaggerating colors, but the iPhone 4S looks and feels like a real camera capturing true images.


Walt Mossberg

Some other phones, including earlier iPhones, have rudimentary voice recognition, for limited terms and responses. But Siri does much more. It offers too much to fully describe here, but it isn’t a simple voice-command system. It understands a wide variety of ways to ask a question, grasps the context, and returns useful information in a friendly way, either audibly or by displaying results on the screen. It learns your voice as it goes along.


iOS 5 is scheduled to come out later tonight. Let’s see if it’s enough to make me stay with the iPhone 4.

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