iPhone 6 “Touch Disease”: More Law Firms Join the Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple

Earlier in August, Apple was subjected to a class action suit over the “Touch Disease” issue that has affected several iPhone 6 series smartphones. According to tech blog PhoneArena, three more law firms have recently joined in the crusade against the popular device developer.

The Apple “Touch Disease”¬†afflicts certain phones with a flickering gray bar covering the width of the screen, at the top of the display. Another telltale sign of an Apple phone being affected by the issue is its serious lack of response to user input. The “Touch Disease” occurs on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus models.

So, what causes this annoying problem? Here’s PhoneArena for the technical explanation and follow-up.

Experts believe that touchscreen controller chips are at fault. The chips are losing contact with the motherboard after a period of time, preventing them from working. A metal plate added at the time of the phone’s production would have prevented all of the problems from happening. Apple is requesting that those with an out-of-warranty iPhone, pay for a replacement. However, those who have spent $329 for a replacement refurbished iPhone are finding the same problem occurring on the refurbished model just a few days or weeks after receiving them.

Unfortunately, Apple has publicly feigned ignorance on the issue, despite the class action lawsuit. With the recent addition of three new firms, there are now 9,539 members of the class who have experienced the “Touch Disease”.

For those interested in the actual complaint papers, you can check out the whole document over at PhoneArena. Any local iPhone 6 series users affected with this particular problem? Sound off below.

Source: PhoneArena

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  1. After Samsung’s misfortunes, Apple is next in line. These 2 giant phone makers will have a hard time getting out of troubled waters. In the meantime, other players may take on the spaces left by these 2 giants. That would mean better business opportunities since people are now careful in choosing what to buy and maybe would stay away (for the meantime) from Samsung and Apple products until such time they had done away with their own imperfections.

    And if I were the CEO at Nokia, this will be a good time to release the new phones, if all things are ready for deployment; i.e., all flaws and details had been checked and corrected.

  2. My phone definitely has exactly what this is describing. My touchscreen is getting worse and worse; I frequently have to turn it off and turn it back on to be able to use it at all.

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