iPhone 7 Bursts into Flames, Damages a Vehicle


Here’s hoping exploding, burning smartphones aren’t the in-thing nowadays. Mat Jones, a surf instructor from Australia, recently lost his new iPhone 7 and car to a blazing inferno. The culprit? His new iPhone 7 bursting into flames.

According to the surfer dude, he left his week-old iPhone 7 to chill in the car, underneath some pants. After a surfing lesson, he came back to his car and saw the fiery devastation. He’s pretty sure it was his iPhone 7 that caused the incident. Flaming phones, flaming pants.


Jones told local news that he never dropped or damaged his 1-week-old phone and that he has only used Apple’s official charger to power it.

Tech titan Apple is apparently aware of the incident and has vowed to thoroughly investigate the matter.


For those keeping track, Jones’ incident is the second instance of an iPhone 7 catching fire. The first one involved an iPhone 7 with a heavily damaged battery pack that caused it to explode.

Source: Yahoo7 News, PhoneArena

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