iPhone 7 Goes On Sale In Kimstore, Widget City


If you haven’t heard, Apple has officially announced their newest phones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And predictably both Kimstore and Widget City has managed to secure the most advanced iPhones ever ahead of everybody else.

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Of course, the privilage of getting the new iPhones mean you’ll be paying a bit of a premium for them. Kimstore is pricing the base 32GB iPhone 7 at Php 40,000, while Widget City is pricing theirs at Php 38,500. For the iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll be paying Php 52,000 for the 32GB version if you get it from Kimstore, while Widget City is pricing theirs at Php 53,000. You can check out the full pricing below:



Apple’s iPhone 7s are now water resistant, have better processors and are now toting better cameras. The iPhone 7 Plus now sports dual 13-megapixel cameras for better imaging as well.

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