iPhone Sales Finally Decline, Apple Revenues Down 12%

It’s finally happened

The inevitable has finally happened – iPhone sales have finally hit a wall, and Apple has suffered financially as a result. Revenues for this quarter is a mere $50.6 billion compared to $58 billion last year, and less than the $52 billion that analysts were expecting. iPhone sales are mostly responsible for the revenue decline, as the company sold only 51.2 million iPhones this fiscal Q2 2016, compared to the 61 million it sold during the same period last year.

Tim Cook tried to explain the sale slump, stating that while iPhone 6S upgrades were higher than when the iPhone 5S launched, it hasn’t been able to match the accelerated upgrade cycle they saw when they launched the iPhone 6 in 2014. Since the introduction of bigger iPhones, fewer people saw the need to upgrade to a newer model, which is probably the reason why iPhone sales are stagnating the way they are.

The other product lines of Apple also aren’t doing so well: the company only managed to sell 10.3 iPads this quarter compared to the 12.6 million it sold last year. Mac sales were also down – 4.03 million sold compared to the 4.6 million last year.

If there’s a bright spot in Apple’s earnings this quarter, it’s their services business – this category managed to earn $6 billion in revenue, up from $5 billion last year. The services business include things like the App Store, iTunes, Apple Pay, iCloud, etc.



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  1. The iphone has reached its peak and will continue to have a steady decline. Unless, they come up with something that truly new. The hype is over.

    1. Newton was a failure for Apple back in the 1990s, before Jobs returned and pulled the plug. Let’s see how Cook handles this one.

        1. And you failed to see the humor. Apple Newton was a disaster back then and I used that to piggyback on the initial comment about the scientist the initial comment referred to.

          Take your ret@rded campaign somewhere else.

  2. ang dami na kasi mas maganda phone kasi sa panahon ngayon kasi importante na talaga ang dual sim ung mga S6 or later at LG g4 up tapos d hamak maganda din naman ang features ng mga korean phone, eh pag iPhone kailangan mo pa ng 2 iphone. ewan ko lang kung mag dual sim ang iPhone

  3. Suffered financially talaga eh ang laki parin ng kita nila compared to Android OEMs.

    Anyway, ganun naman talaga pag nasa tuktok ka na di na pedeng always on top.

    Lagapak-lagapak din pag may time.

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