iPhone SE (2020) Scores 101 in DxOMark

Matches the score of the 2-year old iPhone XR

Apple’s new “budget” iPhone aims to offer the Cupertino-based tech giant’s powerful A13 Bionic processor with a familiar, iconic iPhone design and an affordable price tag. DxOMark recently reviewed the iPhone SE (2020) with its usual set of tests, and gave it an overall score of 101. That is the same score as the 2-year old iPhone XR, and a point behind the Pixel 3—which is currently the highest-scoring phone with a single rear camera.

Going through the scores, the iPhone SE (2020)’s photo score of 103 shows that its single rear camera can do quite a lot, nailing exposure and color accuracy like a charm. Along with fast and accurate autofocus and decent dynamic range in almost all shooting conditions, the iPhone SE (2020) is a performer, only struggling with low light night shots.

For videos, the iPhone SE (2020)’s lone rear camera can do a lot even at shooting 4K. While it is not the best-performing phone for video, DxOMark said that the iPhone SE (2020) offers decent detail and autofocus for most shooting conditions.

You can read more about DxOMark’s review here.

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