Is This Sony’s Next Flagship? Check Out The Xperia F8331


While Sony has officially announced and released (in other countries at least) their current flagship, the Xperia X Performance, it seems like the Japanese company is revving up for another flagship launch. GSMArena has published leaked photos of what appears to be a new flagship, under the name Xperia F8331. While it’s not confirmed yet, that ungainly moniker may just be a a codename until the phone actually launches.

Sony-Xperia-F8331 (2)

The new device sports a number of small design changes that support the flagship theory – the phone has gently curved sides, a first for the brand, as well as a new LED flash setup on the rear. The new device also sports a power button on the side that may hide a fingerprint scanner, as well as a USB Type-C connector, a first for the brand. 4K video recording will also make an appareance at the rear and the front camera, as well as a full HD display.

Sony-Xperia-F8331 (3)

No release date has been set for the phone, but even money says that it’ll be announced by September, during IFA.


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