It’s Official: iOS Devices Fail More Often Than Androids Do


Here’s another reason to start using Android phones if you’re not already: a report by Blancco Technology Group has found that iPhones and iPads have higher failure rates than Android smartphones and tablets worldwide.

The report, dubbed “State of Mobile Device Performance and Health”, examined devices during Q3 of this year showed that iPhones and iPads sold by Apple have failure rates of 62 percent worldwide. In contrast, Android device failure rates currently stand at 47 percent.

If that wasn’t bad enough the report also states that iOS is far less stable in terms of apps – apps running on iOS crash three times as often compared on Android – 65 percent versus 25 percent on Android.

So which phones have high failure rates? For Apple, the study found that the iPhone 6 has the highest failure rate in the bunch at 13 percent, with the iPhone 6s following right behind at 9 percent, with the 5s at third place. For Android, the highest faiure rate is the LeEco Le 2 which fails at a rate of 13 perecent, followed by Xiaomi’s Redmi 3S and Redmi Note 3 at 9 percent each.


John Nieves

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  1. This is coming from an Android fan, but this article is so vague. What do you mean by “failure rate”? Software failure? Hardware failure?

  2. Meron akong samsung note 4. Until now running smooth pa din at hindi naglalag. Medyo palya lang sa battery life pero dahil na rin sa sobrang game abuse.

  3. Nataon sa release ng ios 10 yung report kaya most apple failures are app crashes. Sa android side naman ay ang usual google play services. Mas mataas naman yung hardware problems ng android. The article should have stated these, para hindi masabing bias.

  4. It’s quite clear that the author’s sources indicates operating systems and some apps only. Ian Baker of Betanews is saying otherwise, i.e., Android devices fail more than iOS devices. And if I’m not mistaken, this is the first time that Android performed better than the iOS. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fanboy of any OS. I go for devices that I can use for productivity and I can personalize.

    It’s interesting to note that social apps in iOS fail more often and it’s a different story for Android. IMS, google play services and phone book that fails more often. Have you noticed that google play services now updates frequently than it was before? It’s like a weekly update for the past 3 weeks.

    Just saying…

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