JBL J88 Headphones Review: Stylish Bassy Cans for Php6,690


The JBL J88 headphones aims to be known for two things: style and bass.

These cans are probably one of the most stylish headphones ever made by JBL. It has a brushed stainless steel headband and ear-cup accents which just makes it look phenomenal! The metal actually is a great compliment to the body which is made from plastic and comes in either white or black (we have the black model).

As you can see in the photo, the cans are actually quite big. Size reminds us a lot of those Beats headphones that you get for over Php10,000 in malls. It’s quite comfortable to wear and we managed over 2 hours of use before experiencing ear fatigue.

Really nice build

The JBL J88 also features a 180-degree pivot mechanism. If you wanna play DJ you can rotate the ear-cups up to 180 degrees while wearing them so you can easily hear your audio in one ear while your other ear is free for external sounds.

The wire is detachable and is tangle resistant. It has a twist-lock mechanism to keep it in place and secure when connected. You only connect the cable to one ear cup and that’s supposed to help as well with keeping it more tangle-free.

Woohooo! Sound trip!

When it comes to the sound quality, the JBL J88 delivers deep, pure, and accurate heavy tones which is perfect for hip hop, RNB, house, and other bass-heavy tracks. Bass is very much present but not overpowering. It’s not the slam-type bass though that you get from cans like the AKG 518. Mids are actually kinda decent which is a surprise since we thought that this would take the same Beats-super-heavy-bass road. Note though that if you wanna listen more to acoustics and vocals (with less bass) you might wanna look for other options. For the same price you get other cans that focus on mids/highs. It’s a matter of taste and preference.

Our one major criticism for the JBL J88 is the noise isolation and leakage. As a closed can we expected it to be much better but we can still hear a lot of what’s happening around us unless we jack up the volume of whatever we’re listening to.

Happy minion

The JBL J88 is already out in stores for Php6,690. For more info on JBL Philippines, check out their Facebook Page here.

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