JBL MX100 Sound Station

The JBL MX100 Sound Station is a complete audio solution that can play music from almost anything. It has an iPod/iPhone dock, FM tuner, a CD slot, and various audio-in slots. You can even use this as your home entertainment audio compliment to your 40″ LED TV! More than the playing options, the JBL MX100 also delivers crisp, detailed, and powerful audio that will just leave you floored.

While this baby looks like one of the best iPod docks and sound stations we’ve ever seen, it’s also the most expensive at Php34,990. To those who can afford this though you might want to buy before June 30 since they’re running a Less 10% promo off this particular item in Metro Manila.

By the way, expect a full review from Unbox on the JBL MX100. We currently have a test unit with one of our writers and we’re going to do a full feature sometime this week! 🙂

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Carlo Ople

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  1. for an audio enthusiast or an audiophile, beatbox is not in the same genre as mx100. do a head to head comparison and you will hear the difference (if your ears are accustomed to high fidelity audio). beatbox is generally meant play RNB, rock and POP music like lady gaga, justin bieber. these music are mostly highs and lows. uses synthesized bass so not really defined and not really refined. such music doesnt involved a lot midrange.

    you will be very hard pressed to find an audiophile raving about beatbox. i would rather compare the beatbox to hk go & play. these models do exhibit the same sound characteristics. with lots of bass to spare. i wouldnt compare both items to the refined, smoother, and more sophisticated musicality of an mx100. they occupy to extreme sides of the music. same as fast food vs fine dining. totally different.

    but sound, just like taste in food is subjective. so if you like lots of bass then go for beatsbox. then again a hk go + play cost 60% cheaper with the same performance. ciao!

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