JBL OnBeat Loudspeaker Dock (Updated)

The JBL OnBeat Loudspeaker Dock is a great audio and charging solution for people who have multiple iOS devices. The dock station works with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You can also rotate the device so you can use your devices on landscape or portrait.

How about sound quality? The JBL OnBeat has dual Phoenix full-range transducers with optimized DSP equalization (for 360-degree soundstage). I’ve read a couple of reviews and bloggers say that the audio might break up a bit if you max out the volume. That said it looks like this is good for your bedroom or the living room but not great for parties in big places.

Some additional features: comes with IR remote control, AC power supply keeps devices charged when docked, and optional composite cable so that you can connect it to your TV and watch your videos from your iPad/iPhone on a bigger screen.

Update: The JBL OnBeat Loudspeaker Dock is now available in the Philippines! I saw some units being sold at Digital Hub and Digital Walker. Currently selling for Php6,995.

For more information on the tech specs, check out the official JBL website.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Hi.

    Really enjoy your blog. Have a couple of requests. Can you share with me which local retailer sell the JBL OnBeat Loudspeaker Dock and how you acquired the saddleback leather ipad2 case and the large satchel. Which service did you use to bring it over here? Thanks.

    DA, a fellow TNG at heart

    1. Hi Dennis! For the JBL OnBeat I already sent an email to the local distributor of JBL in the Philippines asking when it will be available here and where we can buy it. As soon as I find out I’ll post an update.

      For the Saddleback leather products you can get from their website. They do delivery worldwide.

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words! Please do share the site with your friends and family. :)

      Unbox EIC

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