JBL Pulse 2 Wireless Speakers: Water Resistant with Light Show

JBL Pulse 2 Philippines

JBL Announces Follow-up to Highly Successful Pulse Speakers

If the classic and vintage design of the Marshall Stockwell speakers isn’t your thing, you might want to check out the second generation JBL Harman Pulse 2. It’s wireless, water-resistant, rechargeable, and it can do a 100-LED light show for you while you listen to your music (you can customize color patterns with the smartphone app).

Other features include Prism Color Lens which lets the Pulse 2 use the same colors that’s used in the environment that it’s in. The speakers is able to do this because it actually has a built-in camera (wow, ha). Lastly, you can sync multiple Pulse 2’s together and they will play the music and do the same color patterns at the same time. Talk about getting funky.

Here’s the official promotional video.

The new JBL Pulse 2 is expected to hit stores in Europe and the US sometime between September and October with an SRP of $199 (Php9,000). No word yet on when this will be available in the Philippines.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Maybe you should put Philippine prices instead of the U.S. Price to reflect true cost. Was stoked to purchase an item you introduced (Marshall Bluetooth speaker) w/c you set at P10,000+ and even mentioned that Digital Walker carries them. … But DW sell it for P15k ++

    1. Hi Dennis, we have no idea what the PH price is yet so we can’t really put it in the article. What we can only do is put what the rough conversion is of the international SRP.

      As for the Marshall Stockwell, we have a good feeling they won’t stray from the SRP. Marshall prices are pretty consistent here in the PH and in other shops in different parts of the world.

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