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JBL Pulse Review: Colorful Speaker That Look And Sound Good

JBL Pulse 06

The modern equivalent of the lava lamp!

Today we’ll be reviewing a very cool looking portable speaker from JBL, the Pulse. The Pulse tries to differentiate itself from the myriad of other Bluetooth speakers out in the market by providing a light show that plays with your music while you use it, making it a modern equivalent of the lava lamp of yore.

JBL Pulse 05

The Pulse is a cylindrical speaker that’s around 7.2-inches long, which is just small enough to pop in your backpack if you’re taking it on a trip. All of the controls are located on the left side of the device, which include the power button, volume and light control, and Bluetooth, along with two rows of colored buttons that allow you to change the color of the lightshow on the device.

JBL Pulse 04

On the left side is the NFC panel, which allows you to pair your NFC equipped device by simply tapping it on the side. The Pulse is charged using a micro USB slot located on the back, which also holds an LED indicator that shows the battery level of the device when you’re charging it.

JBL Pulse 02

Once you start using the Pulse, you’re treated to a spectacular lightshow that changes depending on your music. Multicolor LEDs behind the speaker grille light up and dance around while you listen to music, which adds a nice dimension to your music when you kick back and relax. The color of the LEDs can be changed by pressing on the appropriate colored button on the left side of the speaker, or through the JBL Pulse app that you can download through the Apple App Store (sorry Android users).

JBL Pulse 01

As far as performance is concerned, the Pulse performed relatively well. It has an excellent midrange as well as low mids, though it suffers a bit in the bass department. It has good volume, and can fill a small room with plenty of sound. Battery life of the Pulse when fully charged is around 5 hours.

JBL Pulse 03

The JBL Pulse is a fun, funky little speaker that manages to differentiate itself from all the other portable Bluetooth speakers that are in the market today. The light show, while a bit gimmicky, is a nice conversation starter whenever you pull it out and start using it. The JBL Pulse retails for Php 8995.

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