Joy RainBallet Case for the iPhone 4

Joy RainBallet makes your iPhone 4 waterproof

I was sent over an iPhone 4 case to review and it couldn’t come at a more timely fashion. The Joy RainBallet is supposed to make the iPhone 4 waterproof, something that’s definitely much needed given the current typhoon hovering over the Philippines (that and we’re going swimming on Tuesday). When I opened the package and saw that this was supposed to be “waterproof” I immediately remembered the LifeProof case which we featured here on Unbox a few weeks ago. The biggest complaint about LifeProof is the price. Fortunately the RainBallet is not as pricey but it also doesn’t offer everything that the LifeProof does.

It's thick o_o;

My first impression as I took the case out of the box was “Wow, this is bulky”. It definitely is. It’s a little slimmer than the BookBook which is currently my favorite case for the iPhone 4. Unlike LifeProof though this is easier to open. Just use the coin-like key that comes and turn the three screws at the back to open the case. Insert the iPhone 4 and close.

The three screws at the back

The case definitely looks like it can protect your iPhone 4 from water dunks and the occasional drops and bumps. However the case has several limitations. There are no access points to all the buttons and ports save for the home button. You can’t access the headphone jack, charging dock, and even the volume controls once the iPhone 4 is in the case.

The Joy RainBallet is more of a single-purpose case. You won’t be using this on a daily basis but it definitely makes sense to use this if you’re going to beach, swimming pool, or you need to SMS while you’re taking a shower (lol).

If you want one you can get it at Digital Hub/Digital Walker for Php1,990.

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