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Knight Luxe and UP HD Currently Starmobile’s Top Sellers


The people have spoken with their wallets

Starmobile’s Knight Luxe certainly has its fair share of detractors, especially since it plays in a very cutthroat price segment that many international brands currently play in. Well, it seems that a majority of users don’t agree, if Starmobile’s internal numbers are to be believed – according to the company, around 34% of all Android devices they’ve sold from the middle of May to the middle of June have been the Knight Luxe and the UP HD.

This is surprising because according to research firm GfK, a majority of sales of phones from Philippine brands typically range from 3K below, with phones that are around 3.5 to 4 inches.

Starmobile also confirmed that the Knight Luxe is one of the first phones in the South Asia region that’s equipped with Samsung’s ISOCELL camera sensor (aside from their own devices).

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John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


  1. top seller nga kasi 5/month lang nabebenta nila.. yung ibang phones nila 1/month lang kaya top seller nila hahahahahaha

    1. baka 12 units ang overall benta, tapos tig 2 ang knight luxe at up hd. 33.3 percent niround off na lang sa 34% para di masyadong mababa. 😀

      1. Tapos yung head pa ng starmobile yung bumili (at a discounted rate pa) para lang masabing nakabenta sila.

    1. Lahat ng website, may katapat na presyo siyempre, kaya nga pera ang nagpapatakbo sa mga sites nila, at pera din ang nagbibigay ng pagkain sa hapag kainan at pera din ang ginagamit sa pagbayad ng bills, hindi delicadeza at prinsipyo hehehehehehe It ‘d be EXTREMELY NAIVE to think otherwise…..

    2. Any paid advertorial article will be filed under the Advertisement section of the site.

      Like we said in the article, the statement comes from Starmobile themselves, thus the line ” if Starmobile’s internal numbers are to be believed”

  2. So many (or few; be open minded here.) stupi- err, gullible, people who actually bought the two phones? Real talk here. Anyone who buys either phone for the CURRENT price it is saddled with must be gullible or soft in the head, considering all the competitive offerings, even if some are better than others.

  3. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight…….

    Parang propaganda article na naman ‘to haha…. Ganun na ba ka desperado ang Starmobile para magpa-gawa sila ng ingay sa mga tech sites?

  4. “if Starmobile’s internal numbers are to be believed”

    “This is surprising because according to research firm GfK, a majority of sales of phones from Philippine brands typically range from 3K below”

    Binasa nyo ba yung buong nakasulat bago kayo nagconclude na bayad ang article? Ganundin ang sabi sa iphone at s6, mahal di kaya sa bulsa etc. pero maraming bumili hindi ba? Hindi dahil may mga bumili sa knight luxe e tanga at bobo na sila. Hindi naman sila humingi ng pambili sa inyo kaya wala na kayong pakialam kung gusto nila yung knight luxe. Masyado lang kayong barat at kuripot kaya sa konting profit e nagwawala na kayo. Mareklamo lang kayo pero sigurado ako na karamihan sa inyo e tinitipid pa ang pera sa isang stick ng sigarilyo.

  5. Ilabas mo, starmobile, ang mga resibo ng benta nang magkaalaman na! Si unbox naman, moderate mo naman to. Sayang bayad ni starmobile, kawawa naman. O baka kulang, nagpapadagdag lang. Hihi. 😀

  6. People starts to bash again.. this is pointless! You people doesn’t have to care what other people buys. You start to complain and say blah blah blah.. but in reality, yoou dont have the luxury to buy phone that are not considered in the bang for the buck category because you think its not worth it. Ano bang pakialam niyo sa ibang tao na may perang pambili at gusto yung device? We dont have the same preference.. you should remember that.

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