Kuel F60Q Mobile Charger

Kuel F60Q Mobile Charger

Kuel F60Q Mobile Charger

The Kuel F60Q Mobile Charger is compact and filled to the brim with extra battery juice. It has a whopping Samsung SDI certified 6000mAh high-capacity battery cell. The brand of the battery itself already gives you the assurance you need that this won’t wreck your precious gadgets. This can charge various devices: Android, iOS, and even tablets using the said operating systems.

Here are a few more photos:

Here's what's inside the box: the charger, manual, and a charging cable. You'll need your own cable for iOS.
There's an LED indicator for how much juice it has left. There's also a panel you open with a micro-USB port that you use to charge the battery pack.
Elegantly designed. Not too bulky if you consider how much power this thing has!
The Kuel F60Q in action! Charging my Samsung Galaxy Note. Theoretically this thing can charge my Note two times. o_o;

Pricing and Availability

The Kuel F60Q is now available via Applewerkz. SRP is a bit high though at Php5,990. If you think about it though this can give your smartphone or tablet an additional full (or even two, three, or four) full charges.

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