Leaked Fujifilm X-T30 Official Photos Show Slight Changes from its Predecessor

It might inherit the X-T3’s sensor

Fujifilm is set to launch a successor to the mid-range X-T20 soon, and photos of the X-T30 has just surfaced.

These official renders, which was revealed by reputable leakster Nokishita, shows that the X-T30 will look almost the same as the X-T20. The only key difference with the X-T30 is that it swaps the conventional selector buttons for a joystick.

The revamped control layout places the Q button at the thumb rest area, while the menu and display buttons are now found right below the joystick.

According to rumors, the X-T30 will use a new 26.1-megapixel sensor that is most likely borrowed from the X-T3. This means that the X-T30 is expected to have significant improvements in terms of autofocus speed. The upgrades are necessary so that the X-T30 can have a fighting chance against the recently-launched A6400 from Sony.

We will know more about the X-T30 in the coming days, so stay tuned.


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