Lenovo Is Closing Down ZUK Mobile

Will merge it with the company

ZUK Mobile was supposed to be Lenovo’s answer to rival Huawei’s Honor lineup, a sub brand created to leverage on high-spec, internet only sales marketing tactic that had propelled their rival Xiaomi to (brief) stardom many moons ago. But after several phones and lukewarm sales, it looks like Lenovo’s grand experiment with ZUK is over.

Well known Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang sain on Chinese social site Weibo that Lenovo is shutting down ZUK Mobile in the coming weeks, and will be consolidating it with Motorola. It comes as no surprise – Lenovo has had a lot of trouble trying to turn a profit with Motorola Mobility, and has earlier said that it was planning to integrate all of its brands under one umbrella.

ZUK Mobile sold its first phone here in the Philippines, the ZUK Z1 briefly, though no official follow up was made after that particular device was offered. There are ZUK users still in the Philippines who enjoy the devices through unofficial channels, but their following isn’t as large as the one enjoyed by Xiaomi.


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