Lexar Launches their Line of NM Cards

One more brand to choose from

Since it was introduced as a new memory card format for the Mate 20 series, the adoption rate for Huawei’s NM cards has been slow. To date, only Huawei phones like the Mate 20 series, P30 series, Mate 30 series, and Nova 7i have used the new memory card, which takes the same size as a NanoSIM.

Huawei has been the sole manufacturer of these NM cards, and that changes as Lexar announced that they will be selling NM cards. Available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, Lexar’s NM cards have the same 90mb/s read rates as Huawei’s cards. With retail prices of CNY 199(~Php 1.5k), CNY 299(~Php 2.2k), and CNY 499(~Php 3.7k) for the 64GB. 128GB, and 256GB respectively, Lexar’s NM cards are more affordable than Huawei’s NM cards.

Should more devices adopt to NM cards and more brands manufacture them, it is possible that NM Cards can replace MicroSD cards in the near future.


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