LG 60-inch Curved OLED TV Launched in the Philippines


The TV that Made Our Jaws Drop

LG Electronics Philippines launched the world’s first Curved OLED TV in a media dinner earlier this week in a posh restaurant in Fort Bonifacio. Measuring an amazingly 4mm thin, the LG 60-inch Curved OLED TV literally looks like one sleek slab of curved glass mounted on a crystal base! It’s one of the most stunning pieces of technology we’ve ever seen! Heck we’re still trying to keep our jaws in place since they dropped when we first saw this beauty up close and personal at the event, hehe.

What are the benefits of having a Curved OLED TV? The most obvious one is that it just looks incredibly sezzy. On a more functional level the OLED technology employed with this TV doesn’t need backlight anymore which drastically reduces power consumption and distortions even at extreme angles. The Four-Color Pixel system (white sub-pixel in conjunction with RGB) also delivered deeper and richer colors. We tried this ourselves during the event. No matter where we looked from the video running on the LG Curved OLED TV was a visual treat!

LG Electronics Product Marketing Manager for TVs, Mary Jane Zulueta

As expected LG also incorporated their Cinema 3D technology with Smart TV capabilities in this TV. Suffice to say if ever you get one, you probably won’t need to buy a TV for a loooooong time. Well that is if you can afford it, hehe! The LG 60-inch Curved OLED TV will retail for a little less than Php500,000. It will be available starting first week of December.

Congratulations LG Electronics Philippines for bringing this ridiculously innovative and sezzy product to Manila!

Carlo Ople

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