LG G5 Now Comes with a Free LG 360 Camera

The LG G5
The LG G5

Want a G5? Now’s the Time to Get One

If the LG G5 has been your dream smartphone and you’ve been saving up for it this Christmas, you’re in luck. LG Philippines just announced their Christmas Craze promotion and they’re selling it for Php29,990 (less Php5,000) and they’re throwing in a free LG 360 Cam with it. The 360 camera alone is worth Php10,000 so that’s a pretty good deal already. Click here to read our review of the LG G5.

If you ask us though we’d advise you to skip this promotion and just go for the LG v20.
It doesn’t come with the 360 Cam but you’ll rarely use that camera anyway. It makes more sense to just get for the most recent flagship and the price difference isn’t that big between the two. You can read our review of the LG V20 here.

LG also put on sale other devices, details of which you can find here.

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