LG Leads the Market with its Eye Comfort Display-Certified OLED TVs

Its 65-inch OLED TV emits 50% less blue light than the competition

As the majority of us are glued to are TV screens more than ever as an effect of community quarantine and the new normal, one of the biggest concerns is eye strain. This is normally caused by the amount of blue light emitted by display panels. Prolonged exposure to blue night especially at night—where most of us are busy binging on our favorite TV shows on Netflix—can lead to sleep disorders and eye health issues.

While taking breaks in screen time during the day and two hours before sleeping is one way of reducing eye strain, having an eye-friendly TV is also a must-have. LG’s OLED TVs have received an Eye Comfort Display certification from TÜV Rheinland for its large OLED panels. While most LED TVs emit around 64% blue light, LG’s 65-inch OLED TV emits only around 34%, which is almost half less than the competition and below TÜV Rheinland’s threshold of 50%.

Aside from having TÜV Rheinland’s Eye Comfort Display certification, LG’s OLED TVs deliver rich blacks, true-to-life colors, and outstanding picture quality, making them one of the best TVs you can buy for your home. 

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