LG Reveals the Velvet’s Official Design in a Teaser Video

A promising mid-range 5G device?

Following LG’s official announcement that it is basically killing off the G-series for the Velvet, the Korean brand posted a teaser video revealing the upcoming phone’s official look.

From the video, LG confirms that the Velvet will have a triple rear camera setup, with the main camera being the only one with a notable bump. For the rear panel, the Velvet sticks to a minimalist LG branding—no more ThinQ branding this time around.

For the display, the Velvet will have a curved panel and a 21:9 aspect ratio, giving it a rather slim and tall build. The video also confirms the phone’s teardrop notch and a possible in-display fingerprint scanner. The Velvet will stick to an aluminum-and-glass build and will retain the headphone jack. There’s also a separate button on the left side of the phone, which we presume is a programmable button for Google Assistant.

The Velvet will come in three colors: emerald green, a red-orange gradient, piano black, and a pearl white color that emits a rainbow-like glow. As for key specs, LG confirmed towards the end of the video that the Velvet will be powered by a Snapdragon 765G processor.

We should know more about the Velvet come May 15.

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