LG Shows Us a Glimpse of the Future with its Foldable Phone-Tablet Patent

GSMArena‘s source has shared some patent schematics of a possible device LG has been working on lately – a foldable, phone-tablet convertible device.

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It’s no secret that LG and rival Samsung have been working on foldable displays for years now. Rumor has it that Samsung is even aiming to launch a foldable, dual-screen device in the early half of 2017.

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Going back to the schematics, we can see multiple displays on front and back of the device. The middle, bendable part of the device is used as a notification or audio control bar. A rear display holds the usual camera setup, fingerprint sensor, and the power button.

Only LG knows whether this patent will ever make it to the consumer stage. For now, we’ll have to be content with news tidbits like this, as a measure of what the near future might hold for smartphone technology.

Source: GSMArena

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