LG to Develop Foldable Displays with Apple, Google and Microsoft Partnership


The battle to develop mass-producible, consumer-ready, foldable displays has just become more heated with Korean tech titan LG brokering a partnership with Apple, Google, and Microsoft to advance the technology. Unbox reported last week that Samsung is supposedly targeting early 2017 to unveil their first foldable smartphone. Indeed, the future is in foldable device displays.

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The news comes from South Korea tech insider ETNews, who earlier reported Samsung’s strides in developing foldable display tech. LG’s display division will be spearheading the project, with the company’s smartphone subsidiary on board for the ride.

No specific details yet on when we can expect consumer-grade foldable OLED panels, but analysts have it that Samsung might be leading the race as of the moment. We’ll find out soon enough once 2017 rolls in and more “leaked” and “insider” info come to light.

Source: GSMArena

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