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LG to Launch One More Premium Flagship This Year?

LG G4 isn't the one flagship from LG this year?
LG G4 isn’t the one flagship from LG this year?

LG’s New Super Premium Smartphone Coming Later this Year?

Despite the rave reviews, monstrous specifications, and stellar camera performance, the LG G4 apparently fell short of sales targets globally for the first half of this year. It’s not that surprising anymore to hear news like this because of how highly competitive the smartphone industry has become in the last few years. LG isn’t just trying to keep up with Samsung but they also have to fend off attacks from the more affordable Chinese brands that have been eating up their revenues in emerging markets like the Philippines. To address this, LG is planning on releasing another premium smartphone later this year with a bigger screen and more “high-tech” functions.

Given how advanced the G4 already is, one would have to think what else can LG do to make their devices even more “premium” and “high tech”. They’ll probably go with something aesthetic like a shift from leather to a combination of metal and glass for the chassis. In terms of specifications, there’s nothing that really comes to mind that they can do that will make them stand out from everyone else. Hopefully LG will surprise us with something truly revolutionary. 😀

Sources: ET News, Droid Life

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