LG Will Allegedly Release Two More Variants of the G6: the G6 Plus and G6 Pro

Two more versions of their flagship smartphone

While the battle rages on, it seems the offering from Korean brand, LG, may be lagging behind on the competition. This may have prompted LG to bolster sales and rumors say that they will be introducing other variants of their current flagship device, the LG G6 Pro and LG G6 Plus, both of which will make use of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and their 18:9 Full Vision display that measures in at 5.7-inch. So what’s the difference?

The LG G6 Plus will get a bump up in storage from 64GB to 128GB and will have wireless charging capabilities, while the LG G6 Pro will be getting a bump down from 64GB to 32GB; prices for the devices will, of course, be adjusted accordingly.

The LG G6 Plus is said to be priced at $891 or Php 44287 and the G6 Pro at $704, or Php 34992. Both phones are also rumored to be exclusive to the Korean market, but if these are indeed seeing the light of day, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them on our shores as well.



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