LG’s G5 Lands In Canada First On April 8


Can a PH release be far behind?

LG’s new modular flagship, the G5, impressed us when we saw it back in Barcelona, Spain during Mobile World Congress but the Korean company has been silent when the phone would land in customer’s hands, promising an early April release without any firm date. Now we know that the new phone will finally be in the hands of consumers come April 8, and the Great White North, Canada, is the country that will get it first.

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The G5 represents a major shift in design language for LG, as the company has gone with a more premium metal body over the plastic one favored in their previous flagships. The G5 also features a modular design with a replacable battery, as well as a dual-camera setup on the back of the phone.

With the phone being released in Canada on April, will a PH release be far behind?


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  1. drawback is the phone itself is expensive, plus the accessories/modules you need to maximize the use is expensive as well.. not cool for me..

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