Light L16 Camera: The Power of 16 Cameras in Your Pocket

Courtesy: Light (
Courtesy: Light (

DSLR Quality in Point-and-Shoot Form Factor

One thing that dissuades us from lugging around a DSLR everywhere is the extra baggage we have to allot to be able to bring – not just the body – but all the lenses as well. More often than not, by the time we’ve whipped out the camera and tinkered around with all the settings, that perfect moment you’ve brought all your gear for has passed. The cameras on our smartphones have progressively been getting better with each iteration and release, but let’s face it, there’s only so much hardware manufacturers can cram in there to strike the balance between all the things we want our phones to do. Thankfully, a photography startup company – Light — just might have the solution for photography enthusiasts (and maybe even professionals?) who want the portability of smartphone and the power of a DSLR with their newly announced camera, The Light L16.

Courtesy: Light (
Courtesy: Light (
Courtesy: Light (
Courtesy: Light (

The Light L16 is armed with 16 individual cameras at different focal lengths that range from 30mm to 150mm with True Optical Zoom. Because of this, one of the cool features the Light L16 has is the ability to choose the depth of field, all the way to f/1.2, and focus points after you’ve snapped a shot, thanks to the depth-mapping technology it’s equipped with.

Courtesy: Light (
Courtesy: Light (

Depending your composition, 10 out of the 16 cameras will fire simultaneously giving you a photo you can use on a billboard. It is after all, 52 Megapixels. This can be scaled down, of course. Since the system runs on Android, you can expect the owners of the L16 to potentially have the best looking profile pictures on Facebook or food shots on Instagram ever. The operation is simple with pinch gestures to zoom in and out with a shutter on its top to capture the image.

The price tag on the Light L16 is set at $1299 and they are currently accepting reservations. You might want to check out their site for more details on how you can get your hands on this baby. We certainly have an eye out for this one.

Learn more about the Light L16 in a video seen in the company’s website:

The Light Story from light on Vimeo.

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  1. You don’t need 16 Lenses / focal lengths, it’s ridiculous, most photographers CROP anyways, since it’s 52 MP, the latitude for cropping is great….they could’ve stuffed in a fisheye (5mm) Ultra wide-angle (9mm) Super angle (15 mm) a 25mm for general street photography…….Portrait (35 AND 50mm) and ZOOM (130mm)

    7 Focal Lengths, that’s all a Photographer needs

  2. so.. is it a camera, that runs android? or a network connectivity-less android device, with a heck of a lot of cameras modules sprouting behind? as a budding photographer im both excited and confused with this device.

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