Linksys’ New WRT32X Router Optimizes Your Wireless Network For Gaming

If you’re a gamer that shares a wireless network with heavy-use, video-streaming users and you don’t have the expertise or willingness to play around with pfSense or your router’s firmware config for “reliable gaming latency”, then Linksys has a new product just for your special needs – the new WRT32X wireless router.

Linksys, in a nutshell, has basically optimized the WRT32X for gaming network traffic. Playing DOTA 2 7.0 while your siblings are watching the latest DJ Khaled YouTube videos¬†or Filthy Frank memes? Oh noes, “lag!” No problemo with this new baby! Of course, this network appliance isn’t going to help you one bit if you have a physically bad connection to your ISP – which is probably the more pressing issue for local gamers out there, over an unoptimized wireless network.

Anyway, Linksys’ WRT32X provides easy access and configuration to QoS settings, allowing users to quickly prioritize network traffic for whatever purposes. For non-techie gamers out there, you don’t really have to bother with the specifics as Linksys has already automated the process for you out of the box.

Other features of the WRT32X include a beefy 1.8GHz dual-core processor, MU-MIMO capability and of course, that special, custom firmware for “optimal gaming”. The wireless router also has room for open-source firmware like OpenWrt and DD-WRT, just in case the gamer wants to get more juice outta the router.

Interested gamers will have to shell out a hefty $300 (~Php 15K) if they want Linksys’s new network appliance. Linksys says that the WRT32X will be in shelves this Spring, which is probably in a few months.

Source: Gizmodo

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