Live Photos of the Vivo V9 Surface Ahead of Launch

Well, Hello There V9!

Chinese brand, vivo, is slated to launch their newest smartphone on March 27, the successor to the vivo v7 and v7+ — the vivo V9. While we already know that the selfie-centric device will be sporting a 24-megapixel front camera housed in a notch above the screen, little else is known about the device’s internals. We’ve also hadn’t many leaks about the upcoming device but that changes today, as looks like someone from the inside has just leaked live images of the product for all of us to see.

The overall design of the smartphone looks to be pretty much untouched when compared to its predecessor; save for the extra bit of screen real estate added on and the dual rear camera setup in a vertical orientation. What’s sad about the photos that were leaked is that we can still clearly see that the device will ship with a micro USB port instead of USB Type-C, which merits a point deduction already.

We’ll keep an eye out for more news about this release from vivo to see what else it brings to the table.

Notch-Sporting Vivo V9 To Launch Soon

Vivo Extends Warranty For Some Smartphones

Vivo Extends Warranty For Some Smartphones


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  1. another notch-sporting phone. It is possible for Iphone to file an infringement case to those brands who copied it?

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