Unlock your house with your phone!

Lockitron lets you lock or unlock your door using your phone! You can even use virtual keys that you can send over to your friends/family via SMS and they can use that code to unlock your door even if you’re halfway around the world. It works by sending a signal from your phone to Lockitron servers that then goes to a small device that you plug into your router which then connects to your door to relay the command. It also works through Near Field Communications (NFC) wherein all you have to do is wave your phone in front of the lock and it opens. Cool eh?

Check out this video so you get a better understanding of the product.

My only hesitation with this product is the high rate of phone theft in the Philippines. You may end up not just losing a phone but you might lose everything in your house since the phone works as your key, haha. ^^;

No word yet if this will be available in the Philippines. It sells for $295 USD (roughly Php13,000-Php15,000). For more information, visit the LOCKITRON website.

Via Uncrate

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