Logitech is Going to Sell Gaming Furniture Soon

Because eSports athletes need to be cozy during matches

It’s no question that eSports is a growing and lucrative industry. While eSports is focused mainly on tournaments and gaming-centric computers and peripherals, brands like Logitech are exploring other opportunities. We are not just talking about merch like caps and shirts (most, if not all gaming brands are into that already)this time, we’re talking about gaming furniture. It may not be as strange as Puma’s gaming socks or Louis Vuitton’s insanely expensive LoL-themed jackets, but venturing into furniture (just like what Acer did with the Predator Thronos) is proof that there are a lot of opportunities in eSports.

For its gaming furniture venture, Logitech G partnered with American furniture maker Herman Miller “to research, design, and manufacture the next generation high-performance furniture solutions for gamers.” For the partnership, their first product will be an ergonomic gaming chair, which is scheduled for a Spring release. Save for getting feedback from popular eSports teams, both brands did not share any other details about their upcoming gaming chair. A possible design might be based on the Eames Lounge Chair, which is one of Herman Miller’s best-selling products.

“Together, we’ll develop high-quality solutions that provide gamers and esports athletes with the utmost support and comfort,” Herman Miller Chief Marketing Officer Tim Straker said.


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