Marshall Hanwell HiFi Speakers

Is that a guitar amp or a speaker?

Marshall Hanwell HiFi Speakers Announced

The first Marshall amplifier was made in 1962 by Jim Marshall in Hanwell, London. The rest, as we usually say, is history. Marshall grows into a global brand that’s forever associated with legendary rockstars and musicians. To celebrate their 50th year anniversary, Marshall Amplification and Marshall Headphones teamed up to create the Marshall Hanwell, their first home audio speakers!

Staying true to the Marshall Amplifier design, the Hanwell literally looks like a guitar amp! Even the control panel has the usual bass, treble, and volume knobs. Instead of the stereo jack though you have the standard 3.5 audio jack for your iPod, Tablet, or Smartphone.

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I want one. Now.

As for what’s inside, the Hanwell boasts of dual HiFi tweeters and long-throw woofers. That combination should be more than enough to give great sound quality. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this product here in the Philippines!

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